Island Striper Team


AIST 2020 Special Tournaments

Team FLuke- June 27-28th- 100$

Bluefish- July 17-19- 100$

Team Summer Striped Bass- Aug. 21-23 100$ (28-34") 

Black Sea Bass/ Scup Combo- Sept. 12-13th- 100$

Fall Team Tog- Oct. 24-25th - Sweatshirts


Special Tournament Rules



Special tournament entry fees are included into yearly dues. Must be a dues paying member to participate.

Winners are determined by overall weight, there are no divisions, winner(s) takes all.

In the event of a tie; the winner(s) will be determined by the fish/ fishes overall length. Longest fish/fishes will win.

Tournament cancellations or rain dates will be posted via the AIST web site. Contact VP Kurt Rivard with any questions.


Teams must consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members.

The team with the heaviest total weight of three fish wins. However, no team member can weigh in more than one fish. In the event that no team meets the three fish requirement, the team weighing in the heaviest total weight of two fish wins. The one fish per member rule still applies. If no team can weigh in two fish, the team with the heaviest fish wins.

Each fish weighed must be clearly identified with the member who caught the fish. Suggested identification is with a color coded tie wrap.

Teams must fish together; Boat Teams must fish from the same boat, etc.

Teams may be formed separately for each tournament. A team member is allowed to fish one day and not the other. Contact VP Kurt Rivard with any questions.


2 Day Tournaments will start at 12:00 am on Saturday. 3 Day Tournaments will start at 4:00 pm on the Friday. Weigh in is at the VFW at 6:00PM on the last day (Sunday).

All fish being entered must be at weigh station by tournament completion time...No later then 6:00PM Sharp!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

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