Island Striper Team



The 2020 Season Year Long Tournament 

  The dates for this year are April 1st to Dec 15th 2020

 All AIST members are entered in this tournament two weeks after their dues are paid for the current year.   All species listed are eligible for entry, provided that they are legally caught during the recreational open season within the rules of the state in which they were caught .   

You may now download an official weigh slip from the pull-down tabs listed above.   

Have the shop owner of a certified scale record your fish's weight, species, category, date and sign/stamp, then mail or drop off if at non participating shop otherwise keep a back up copy and we will pick up original at the shops on weekly basis.   

Many of the local bait shops are participating in the tourney as weigh stations. As a rule of thumb, all Striper cup participating bait shops have certified scales   You may weigh the fish and submit a slip in the jars located at the shops.   If you weigh a fish at a non- participating shop, remember to mail in or deliver the slip to the committee.  the tournament committee will also accept a Striper Cup weigh slip (for stripers) so you may turn in your pink copy if you want to do that in liu of a AIST team weigh slip.

 If you believe a catch is missing, please contact a tournament committee member.   Remember to save your slips! 

How the tournament works.  Each angler placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd for his respective category will be recognized at the awards dinner; in addition the coveted AIST "Angler of the Year" will be determined based on the following system.   Each category place (first ,second, third) comes with a point award  (3pts for 1st, 2pts for 2nd, 1 pt for 3rd).  The angler whom accumulates the most points when all categories are added up will receive the "Angler of the Year" honors.   Anglers may submit multiple entries and may sweep categories if they catch the top three fish, no bonus points will be awarded for the sweep however....

  Hard Tails were added as a single category for woman's youth and Men's (no shore boat split) and Weakfish/squteague as a single category for women's, youth and men's. K as in 2012 Kayakers will compete for the top honor of Kayaker of the year (the John Hosch Memorial)*   

**to be considered a kayak fish the kayak angler must launch from and return to shore under his own power... 

 Now everyone go out and catch a few fish!

Gray Triggerfish




Mahi Mahi



          Youth                            ______    1st  


        Womens                             1st place      

        Mens                               000 lbs             1st  

                                              0.00 lbs              2nd 

                                              0.00 lbs              3rd 










          Scup Youth Div*     

     *can be caught from boat kayak                                                       

      Scup Shore Div                    1st place- 1.16 lbs John Migliori 

      Scup Boat Div                        

                 Scup Kayak Div        

      Scup Women's  Div*              

 *can be caught from boat, kayak          

  or shore   Womens Div*           


               Fluke Shore Div                      

                Fluke Boat Div              1st- 11.2 Lbs Chad Braga

2nd 3.2 lbs Kurt Rivard

3rd -3.0 Lbs Phil Duckett      

               Fluke Kayak Div            1st- (HOF) 9.54 lbs Scott Crain  

              Fluke Youth Div*  

 *can be caught from boat, kayak or shore


             Fluke Women's Div *              

  *can be caught from boat, kayak        

   or shore



             Tog Shore Div        1st place-  5.9 lbs John Migliori

     2nd place- 5.5 lbs John Migliori

3rd place- 4.3 lbs John Migliori

               Tog Boat Div     


           Tog Kayak Div           

Tog Youth Div*                              

        *can be caught from boat,                    __

 kayak or shore.                                     __

              Tog Womens Div*           

 *can be caught from boat, kayak or shore.    ___




                  Bluefish Boat   Div          1st place- Tj Harris 10.6lbs      


                   Bluefish Shore Div      1st place- 3.62 lbs John Migliori                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                   Bluefish Kayak Div     

                 Bluefish Youth  Div*      

                   shore or boat                                                                                          



                 Bluefish Women's Boat Div   

                 Bluefish Women's Surf Div     

                 Bluefish Women's Kayak Div   




Black Sea Bass


                 Black Sea Bass Boat Div        

                  Black Sea Bass Shore Div                 


                Black Sea Bass Kayak Div                   

                Black Sea Bass Women's Div*                   

   *may be caught from boat, shore or kayak      

               Black Sea Bass Youth Div*                    


              Codfish Boat                       

  Codfish kayak

Codfish Shore