Tom Houde (TJ) Tom Houde (TJ) 4th Striper this year! Sgt Potts Tourny - 3rd Place Shore Division 99133214 Chipawonoxet Point Hunting around in the yak division... 99133215 Ocean Kayak 126 Flagship of my fleet..., no more! 99133216 Future Beach 144 Just add water... 123471854 Ready to fish... New Rod and reel for this season, 7ft Tica with Okuma reel, left. Mounted the light to the center. Cleat and rod holder added. Looking for a combo FF/GPS and that should complete the picture. 123471855 Kayak Angler 1st and 2nd Blues from the yak! Slips are filled out and will be sent in this week! 127302404 Kayak Electronics... Most recent upgrade Cuda 350 GPS/FF, Scotty T mount, 129775352 Stars and Stripers 2011 Some solid Stripah this year..., nice work everyone! 129775354 Bag O Blues... Sunday morning's catch..., Blue's brutalized the poppers today... lure on the left was most popular! 130035585 A few days to early... Had to throw back my first Sea Bass from the yak..., I'll get 'em Monday! 131003542 Turkey by the Narrows! These two were out of season... 133146473 Too many shorts this morning! Flukin was good on the Narrow River, but they were all short! 133146474 Great White Pogie Hunter... Charter Captain from Marshfield stocking up for tuna trip.... 140489825 Block Island Sea Bass A little small for size, but big on taste... 140489826 Pogieville, RI Today's pod was a huge one..., enjoyed drifting with them in the yak today. 140489827 West Bay Anglers Lobster Raffle, 12/3/2011 8lb feast...(beast) 144208276 Captain's Catch... Castle Hill Blue circa 2009... 148868567 2/18/2012 Got the lines wet today..., couldn't resist! 149582939 4/8/2012 1 of 16..., decent morning! Sunrise service at the Providence River. 153137040 4/18/2012 Got blanked in the West Bay so packed it in and headed to a South County popular location, 4" Pearl Zoom Fluke on a .5 oz jig head 153964955 The rod... 6.5' Ugly Stick, Okuma Salina Pro SPa-25, 10lb PP braid..., 153964956 4/29/2012 My first yak striper..., only a schoolie, but April has been good, here's to a better May! 154950218 5/9/2012 21"..., Greenwich Bay shore action, slinging in the rain... 155458911 5/10/2012 - They're Back... First blue of the season in Greenwich Bay. 155539938 5/30/2012 - Shore Fluke Greenwich Bay action... 156910314 AIST Kayak Shootout At least mine had some stripes on it.... 157682263 34.27 - 7/6/2012, Block Island # 2..., 10:30pm. 159740948 26.28 - 7/6/2012, Block Island 1st of the night..., 9:45pm. 159740949 Block Island Stripers Great night a few miles off Block Island..., first Striper Cup fish and a pounder pin to boot. Thanks AIST! 159740950 Block Island - 9/2/2012 53.50 lb cow from the ledge..., awesome night! Got a 30, this one and a 25 C & R... along with a nice pick of Sea Bass 164468503 Ready for the knife... One last look before I make my first incision... 164556740 Lost in the hoopla.... This one got lost in the excitement, got got me prepped and focused for the big one! 164556741 Ready for my filet station... Sweeeeeeet... 164556742 PB Fluke - 5.1lbs. Plan A - to windy to launch the yak at Navsta Npt..., Plan B - Greg saved the day driving thru the main gate as his Plan A with Rich Laurie got cancelled due to mechanical issues. 168567829 PB Porgy - 2.88 lbs. Caught this hubcap Black Friday... 170321131 St. Patty Day - 2013 The luck of the Irish... 176282765 Upper Bay - 6/1/2014 1st keeper from the yak...., long time coming! 193270796 Providence River, 6/13/2014 Stars and Stripers wannabe... 193376775 Block Island, 8/17/2014 33..., gets me a pounder pin! 195003551 Narragansett Bay, 9/5/2014 3rd Place Striped Bass, Boat Division, Galilee Tourney 2014. (First one to weigh a fish as well). 195241070 Narragansett Bay, 9/26/2014 35", 13.8 pounds, caught live lining a pogie. 195613716 Narragansett, 10/29/2014 !st Bonito from the yak. 196180292 2014 NEKF Records Board I got the Atlantic Bonito and Jon A. (warwickyak) got the Bluefish! 196966956 On The Water Striper Cup - 2014 Top ten finish (9th place) Kayak division. 197094890 Opening Day Trout, Barbers Pond, SK My first time out for opening day in decades..., first time from the yak! 198087587 West Bay Bluefish Slow pick today, scored a blue before heading back in on a live lined pogie! 198880293 West Bay - 6/25/2015 31" caught at 7:44am at the end of the ebb on T & W. Submitted to OTW SC for catch, photo and release. 198942998 East Passage - 7/23/2015 38" caught on the 1st pass, catch, photo and release. Good karma got me pictured for today's OTW "Rhode Island" Fishing report. What goes around comes around! 199220530 Striper Shootout 4 of 5 kayaks raffled off to the attendees. 199455974 No Skunk here... Not the biggest, but the first! 199455975 Old School Photo I'm in there somewhere... 199455976 Saturday morning 199455977 9/1/15 - 1 of 2 Personal Best from the yak. 199600881 9/1/15 - 2 of 2 Personal Best from the yak. 199600882 44" and 30.45 pounds Pounder pin for 2015! 199600883 31" - 9/1/15 Epic day for me in the yak, 3 stripers and 2 blues. 199600884 42" and 29.95 pounds. Photoshop background to protect the honey hole. 199835418