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  This represents some of our top catches and events of the past years......take a look!





 2013 Lead Fest



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Now the Result's......  from Pipes, flashing and many other sources we .....created.....

 But here's how it got started
















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AIST in   2012



Top Angler of 2012 Nick Pacecho



Top Angler of 2012 Pam Tameo

























 Team Tog Challenge

 Team Team Team Team Team Team

White Chinned Togzilla Opus Double Dicks Dream Team North End


19.8 lbs 19.6 lbs 19.4 lbs 18.8 lbs 18.2 lbs 16.6 lbs

Congrats to all....... Team White Chin Bandits will be soon wearing thier official Tog Team Champion AIST Hoodies....




AIST Angler of year   Greg Vespe



 Bass of the year...  BJ SIlvia  54.80 lbs



 FLuke of year...Richard Laurie









































Mikes 43



 Arts 47lber


Nick puts a 41 in the boat 



 Mulldog gets a nice piece of bass


 Brian Patterson puts soe sushi on the Deck


  BJ with some fine fall TOG




 Top Surf Bass of 2010, 37lbs

    Ralph welcomes newest member


 AIST Finishes 6th in 2010



 AIST Female Angler of year and CO- MVP  (Kristi not Jay)


 Top Bass for female angler Cyndee and a 37













2009 Pictures


 BJ' with AIST's best fish of 2009




  Stars and Stripers

Donated fish for 2009















2009's 8th place AI Striper Cup team 











 Ralph starts us off in 2009













Mike and Ed with some nice shore fish  













Vespe figures out how to catch a decent fish  
























 Wessel's shows he can handle a big one too








Jeff Plumb with 2008 bas of year 

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