Island Striper Team


AIST Officers 


Greg Vespe


  Cell:     401-662-5573

Vice President:

Kurt Rivard


Cell: 401 787 6921


Phil Duckett 

                  470 Sandy Point Ave

                     Portsmouth RI 02871-3514

                      Cell: 401 524 9625


Mark Pachico

Committee Chairs 

Entertainment and Fundraising  

                    Richard Laurie 


                    Cell:       401-846-1750 


Name: Aquidneck Island Striper Team

Mission:  A Team of Anglers Dedicated to Fishing and serving Veterans around the Ocean State!!
Membership: Persons interested in becoming a member need to fill out a membership form EACH YEAR along with the 30$ dues. Members under the age of 16 are free but still need to fill out a membership form.

Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Entertainment Committee Chair

Duties of Officers:

Committees: Entertainment Committee, Season Long committee, Apparell 

Meetings: Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning in October and running through May except for December. December meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month as to not conflict with the Holidays. Entertainment Committee meetings are held the Wednesday prior to the monthly meeting each month. All officers are encouraged to attend all meetings. 

Dues: 30$ annually

Elections: TBD

Code of Conduct: TBD

Revisions and Amendments: TBD

Dissolution: TBD

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